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Bridal Fashion Week brought the industry’s top designers to New York City to show off their newest collections, and now, Woman Getting Married is highlight the best looks, fresh off the runway. 

Vatana Watters certainly had a big week, as she debuted the Fall 2019 collections for her three namesake brands: Watters, Wtoo by Watters, and Willowby by Watters.

Check out the collections below, along with what inspired each of them.

Watters: ‘The Great Expanse’

The name comes from “the tremendous miles migratory birds fly to be with each other,” which seemingly sums up the entire collection: the great lengths of time and distances one travels for love. The dresses boast meticulous handwork and labor-intensive details.


Wtoo by Watters: ‘Come Away with Me’

“Spontaneous adventures with the one you love,” inspired this collection, which features bold patterns and sexy silhouettes.


Willowby by Watters: ‘Chasing the Sun’

Intended to “evoke the romance of the western spirit,” this collection draws from the “adventure of seeking out one’s joy and cherished moments in time.

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